Alternative of TSU –

Alternative of TSU

If are missing TSU where you found not only some good friends even a way to share your thoughts and ideas through different mediums like text, photos, videos etc. by sharing your these photos, videos etc you started even earning some money also. Many users of left facebook or just many stopped using facebook because they didn’t had time for facebook it happened only because of TSU.

Now when TSU finally decided to shut down their site, many TSU users got disappointed and now they are looking for the an alternative of TSU. If you was also trying to search for the same then trust me you can think that you finally found a best alternative of TSU. You will surprised to know that this site is running from long time and maybe you never heard about this. And maybe even you will feel you did little delay but don’t worry just feel yourself lucky that finally you found this site.

I know you are very excited to know the name of the site and to check out this site. So here is the name

TSU Alternative

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I found many TSU users already working on this site. What you can do on this site is quite similar to TSU. Users can upload any type of files in the Fliiby for example photos, videos, mp3s , docs etc. But keep in mind your files should be original not any copied files from other sites. Only your original files will be monetised and then you will start earning money for every monetised file’s views.

So just upload original content and follow each other, and don’t forget to view files of your followers and other users so that they will also do the same for you.

I already got paid by Fliiby and if you want to see my payment proof of Fliiby and wants to know more about fliiby and some more tips then its available in my earlier post.

Fliiby Review and Payment Proof

Best of luck you all.

Earn Money And Gift Cards –

Earn money and gifts cards

In this post i am going to share my review on another way of earning money and gift cards online. Or i can say i going to share here my GiftPanda review , there is no investment required, you don’t need to upgrade any account everything is just free and legit. This way to earn money and gift cards is quite simple and safe. Before i share more features its better to explain what is GiftPanda. So if you are thinking what is GiftPanda ? then here is answer of your question… GiftPanda is an application where users from all over the world can earn money and gift cards. GiftPanda is launched by  ayeT-Studios GmbH in this year. GiftPanda is very new and promising application. If you don’t know about  ayeT-Studios GmbH then let me telll you that they already have one more application know as CashPirate where users are getting paid for trying different apps and watching videos etc. And on playstore you can check thousands of positive comments of users. But if you are already using CashPirate then you will trust very easily GiftPanda also.

And if you are not using CashPirate then i recommend you all guys to use this wonderful application also. And if you will use my referred code YJAFOH you will get 500 bonus points means $ 0.5

Coming back to the GiftPanda this application is very newly launched so now its ony available only for iOS devices but soon it will be available for android users also.


To start earning money with GiftPanda you can click here GIftPanda – Earn Money and Gift Cards . You can create an account by using simply your any email address and select any password then login to the application where you can start earning cash money and gift cards by trying free apps, watching video ads and by completing easy surveys. You will get 10% of your referral’s earnings and 5% of their referrals’ earnings and your referrals will get 500 bonus coins.

Another important thing about this GiftPanda is that you can redeem your collected coins through many different gateways if you want redeem coins into cash and wants to withdraw cash to your PayPal then its very easy and instant way. Not only this you can redeem coins through other gift cards like Amazon gift card, Google Play, Facebook, iTunes, GameStop, Xbox, Huluplus, BestBuy Gift Card, Staples easy gift card, Sears Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, StarBucks Gift Card, Visa Gift Card, Mastercard Gift Card, Bitcoin, Steam Gift Card and even Mobile recharges are also available.

If you have your own any application then you can even advertise you application on GiftPanda you will get great results many users will download and even will use your application. And you can work with GiftPanda as a Partner also for this you can contact with GiftPanda.

Finally, finishing my this review by wishing you all and GiftPanda many – many best wishes.

Best themes and plugins for sites and blogs –

Best themes for sites and blogs

Best Themes for sites and blogs and many more..

If you are looking for to create a beautiful/attractive site or blog then according to the content or target of your site or blog you must have a appropriate theme. Now you can get best themes for your sites and blogs for free, not only this even you can get manyother important features also in order to create best site or blog for example your can get free themes, free plugins, unique layouts, custom widgets, great lighting fast speed of your site or blog, get ready good quality SEO, Multilanguage, lifetime best support etc.

Get Free and Premium Themes and Plugins

The best part what i like about this site is before selecting your theme you can check a demo of theme , so you can check and try as much as you want and then select only that one what you feel best for your site or blog.

There are some categories of themes like:- Magazine Themes, Business Themes, Blog Themes, Woocommerce Themes etc. And there are a lot of popular premium wordpress themes what you can buy also at very low prices and there are no other hidden charges.

Cheap Traffic Offers –

Get real traffic and very cheap prices;

We are going to drive over 300+ Visitors daily for 30 days on your website or blog through different different social networking platforms, forums and groups Only in $10.
Its just a great deal just in 10 USD you will get 300 + unique visitors daily for 30 days.


Main features:

  • We will drive unlimited real &targeted social visitors with unique ip will be driven to your website. No bots or PPC or traffic exchange sites etc.
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I Don’t Guaranteed about sales, Sign-up, Otp,conversions etc.. Because we can’t force people for any action on your site.

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Fiverr Gig

10 top ways to earn money online –

10 top ways to earn money online


In this post i am going to share with you all about the top ways of earning money online. Maybe many of us still don’t about how many opprotunities are available for us to earn money online. Earning money online helped a lot of people who are unable to work or for students or house wives or moms and physically handicapped persons and there are many people who would like to use there free/spare time in beneficial way. For all those people i am going to share these ways and i hope my this effort will be helpful for all of you.

  • Paid To Click Sites:- Paid to click sites are very popular and easy way for among the users to earn money online. These site are non as PTC sites, where users can earn money online by clicking some short advertisements (10-30 seconds). For example Neobux, Clicksense. Grandbux and Paidverts are those PTC sites who are paying to their users from years.
  • GPT Sites:- These type of site are also quite similar to PTC sites. The difference between PTC sites and GPT sites is PTC site pay for clicking advertisment and GPT pay site pays for completing tasks that’s why they are know as GPT ( Get Paid for Tasks). Here is one good GPT site they are really paying to their users.
  • Online Surveys:- There are many sites paying to the users for filling some short surveys, for answering some questions and for testing some products. These type of sites even include some polls and opinions. Many sites are paying some good rates for these kind of surveys.Myview, Inboxdollars, Sawgbucks, Toluna and Opinion Outpost etc. are the quite famous paying online survey sites.
  • Write articles/reviews/posts :- Those who like to write articles or posts they have some very good opprotunities to earn money online or i can say there are many sites who are looking for some good writers with their original contents. So you can earn money by writing online in different sites. Even our site Rising World also giving chance to users for writing posts and earn money. Rising World not only paying to the users for posts even we are paying for the every activity such as comments, likes, creating groups, joining groups, commenting in the groups, creating forum topic, friendships between users, wall updates, playing games and many more. So if you want to read more about Rising World then check ourarticle on Earn Money on Rising World or you can Join Rising World .
  • Uploading or seling pictures :- If you like photography then also you earn good amount of money online. There are many sites where you can upload pictures and start earning money. There are some site where you upload pictures and then share the links of your uploaded pictures and you will start earning money for every visit on your links. And there are some sites where you can sale you pictures, you can set any price of your uploaded pictures and then interested people can buy those pictures from you. Recently i found a great site where users can upload pictures and monetise those pictures. But keep in mind upload only original pictures which are clicked by you or your device. I personally got paid by then so if you want then you can give it a try .
  • Affiliate Marketing :- Affiliate marketing its getting very popular because it very easy way to earn money online, just by promoting products, services etc. There are some good sites like Amazon who are paying good money for promoting their products. So you can use the html code of the products and if you own a site or blog you can publish it there or direct link of the products and share with others and you will get commissions for every sale.
  • Create Own Site/Blog :- If you are thinking creating own site or blog is very difficult task then i think you are wrong. Yes even for those who are not familiar with HTML etc. they can also create some sites or blogs with the help of platforms like Blogger and WordPress. And if you are thinking but after having a site or blog how can you earn money ? then let me tell that its not much difficult just you need to monetise your site or blog and sit back in relax. Even as i said above about affiliate marketing so you can use this method of earning online with your site or blog. If you are not aware about monetising any site or blog then trust me there are many advertising platforms like Google Adsense, infolinks, Vibrant Media, Clicksor, Propeller Ads, Revenue Hits, Revcontent, Chitika, Tribal Fusion, Bidvertiser and many more but i suggest you to try 


  • Upload Videos:- If you can make some videos then platforms like youtube and dailymotion are available for you, where you can upload videos, monetise them very easily and start earning money online. But as above i mentioned about where not only you can upload photos even you can upload videos, mp3 also or any other kind files also. I am sure if you will give it a try, you will sure like it.
  • Share Links :- There are some sites who paying to their users for sharing links. Only the thing you need to do is copy link for example :- then paste this link in any of those share link sites and you will get back one converted short link so then you can share this converted short link anywhere , for every click on this coverted short link you will start earning money. and  are one of the best sites for share links and earn money.
  • Invest and Earn :- Mostly i don’t reccomend this way of earning money online. Because when we do any kind of investment there is always a risk of loosing. There are two ways of investment one is cash money investement and second is cryptocurrency investement. Under cryptocurrency BTC (Bitcoin) is getting very popular these days. There are many sites where you can deposite some amount of BTC then those site offer you some interesting plans. Personally i tried some site even though i got success in them but later on those sites stopped paying. So only when any site is new they pay and win the trust of investors and later on they stop paying. That is the reason i don’t want suggest this way to my all readers. Just for your information i told you this way and the famous sites in this field are Plus500 and eTorro .

If you still wants to know understand anything or any way to earn money well then you can ask here in comments i will try my best to help you out.

Love Quotes Pictures –

Here are Love quotes pics free for you all .. I hope and wish you all will spread Love in this world.. share pics with whom you love , try to express your love feeling for someone.. so that he/she can understand you and your feeling for him/her.

Earn Money on Rising World –

Another way where you can earn money with any investment. We all know well there are many ways but here in this post i am going to tell you about a very different, legit, social and easy way to earn money online. To this way you can call its one of the best ways for earning money online in 2016, not only cash money even you will get chance to earn bitcoins.

I know many users are spending or we can say wasting time in sites like facebook and other chat sites and many of us trying to earn money in PTC sites where users click daily ads and earn very little amount of money and later after reaching at minimum payout many sites don’t pay or ask for investment first. So they just make their users fool and use them for clicking their advertisements.

Coming on the point, that i found a new way for all of you where you will get paid for your every acitivity and interaction. These activities and interactions are quite similar to the facebook activities for example:- daily login, comments, likes, wall updates, groups, forums, playing games, posts and many more. So for these all activities you can now earn money. If you really want to try out this site then you can visit this site by clicking on the


Rising World


Rising World is giving chance of earning money online to everyone. People from anywhere in the world can be the member of the rising world and its totally free, you don’t need to buy any kind of membership or don’t need to upgrade your account. So the only thing you need to do is simple registration with your email address and you should have PayPal account where you will get paid. Now the point is how you can earn ? There are lot of ways to collect points and after reaching at the minimum amount of $5 you will get your payment in your PayPal account. So now how to collect points ? Its very easy you will get sign up bonus points, daily login points, points for comments, points for likes, points for wall updates, points for joining and even creating groups, points for commenting in the groups and forums, points for new posts, points for creating new topic and replies in forums,points for adding users as friends, points for referring visitors, points for referred sign ups. points for playing games etc.


Payment is automatic, after reaching at the minimum amount of $5 your payment will be transferred into your PayPal account

Not only you can earn cash even you will able to reach at many ways of earning bitcoins. Along with all these things you will feel rising world like a social community where you will get chance to meet people from the every part of the world. And you will get chance to be friends with other users and will get a lot useful knowledge, ideas, their interests, their lifestyles and chance to discuss with the on any kind of topic. Not only you can write (text) even you can use other features also like upload pictures, music, video, play games.

This is my own site and because this site is very new yet, we are looking for active participants, we know well to keep any website alive users play an important role. So my request to all of you is participate in the activities of rising world, becuase if site will start getting popular then i promise you i will improve the points level, will provide you more and more chances to collect points. I respect all users because i know their importance in rising world, so if you want to give any ideas/views/sugesstions you are most welcome.

I am sure if you guys are with rising world we can really rise our site then we all can get some great results. Another point i don’t want to hide from my users is that Rising World is not any big business company etc. So the economy of the rising world is depened on the different advertising networks, so because of the activities you all guys generating revenue for rising world and from this revenue i am going to pay all of you according to your activities or participation in rising world. So that’s why you are getting points for every activity. To increase the economy power of rising world your activities play huge role, or i can say without this rising world is nothing. So keep participating in the site activities, in it’s advertisements and i will too reward my users. All other sites are also doing the same thing, no site is paying to the users from their own pocket, they earn money from their advertisers/advertising platforms and share very little part to the users from that earning.

Keep participating, keep sharing i promise you i will reward your every activity.

Register Rising World

Get Bitcoin –

Get Bitcoin or you can say bitcoin get, its because in this post i will tell you about a site where you can get bitcoins. But because the domain name is “bitcoinget” that’s why i said you can call it the way you want. The main focus is on earning bitcoin, so if you are really looking for ways to earn bitcoins then this site can help you out. There is not any connection between rising world and bitcoinget, only rising world is trying to provide the available sources to earn bitcoins and money. We are always trying to bring out the hidden sites what can be helpful for the people who are willing to earn some extra money by sitting at home, bitcoin is also a part of extra income what people earn online in different sites.

Coming on the topic Bitcoinget where users can start earning bitcoin by a simple registration, where you need to paste your bitcoin wallet address and then click on the green button “Get Bitcoins Now” . After this you will have access to a variety of tasks, in the form of jobs, offers, or videos. Click on the task that you want to complete and follow the instructions. Once you have completed a task, your bits will be credited within a few minutes. You can view your balance anytime by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the page.

Once you will reach at the minimum balance of 500 bits, it will be automatically transferred to your registered bitcoin wallet address and you will receieve it within 24 hours, you can track your account information and payments by clicking on “My Account” page of the site.

So if you are will to start earning bitcoins with this site then here the main url of the site :-

Fliiby Review And Payment Proof –

Fliiby Review And Payment Proof

Guys in this post i am going to tell you about Fliiby. First thing is about the domain of the site, there are some misconceptions when any one see domain/link , this looks like as it is any short link but its not, this is the proper link of the site but for those who still don’t trust this link can use .


Now the next very important questions are what is Fliiby ? How fliiby works ? What you can do on fliiby ? Can you earn money on fliiby ? How to earn money on Fliiby ? Fliiby is really paying its users ? Fliiby is a legit or scam site ? etc. These all things i am going to clear here after reading this you can decide do you want to join this site or not ? And for those who are already member of Fliiby, i hope my this effort will be helpful to use fliiby in a proper way.

Let’s clear the above questions related to Fliiby ? Fliiby is a content publishing platform where users can upload any kind of files for example photos, mp3 , videos, document files or any other kind of file and you have right to publish you file publicly or keep it as you private file, along with this you have option to let others download your uploaded file or not. Most of the users in fliiby upload digital photos and publish it. So if you are a photographer or photography is your hobby then Fliiby is just a perfect place for you. There are many users who upload videos and mp3 files also so if you want then you can also do the same.


Now i am going to tell you why you should upload your content like photos, videos, mp3s etc. on fliiby. First thing you get for free 3 GB storage on this site where you can upload your any kind of files and save them there, as i already said you have an option for every file to keep it private or publish it for public. And if you want or need more storage you can upgrade your account and then you will get 100 GB storage space for your files. Second very important feature of fliiby is that you can earn money also, so for those who had a question in their mind ” Can we earn money on Fliiby ? ” and my answer is ” Yes ” . Now here i am going to tell you how can you earn money on Fliiby so when you will upload any content on fliiby for example any photo there you can give name/title of your file, write some words in the description related to the file, add some tag words, below this you will look an option to monetise file, so just keep it ” On ” and select ” Public ” option instead of private and then click on save. That’s it… now Fliiby team will check your uploaded file if your file in not any copy or downloaded file from any other internet site then fliiby team will approve it. So here my suggestion to the users is upload only original content otherwise your content will be rejected to monetise it, in this situation if you got rejected just delete all the copied content from your profile and then upload again only original content and apply to monetise i am sure if your content will original (means your own for example.- photos clicked by your mobile or camera etc.) then your content will be approved.

fliiby upload

So after getting content approved/monetised you will start earning money for the every monetised file view. There are a lot of active users on fliiby so just follow them, view & like their content and they will do the same for you. Not only this even you can share the link of your files on any site or if you have own any site or blog then you can use the embed code , html code and BBcode also in order to get more views on your files. And you and earn more by referring your friends/people on this site.

So here i am going to clear about Fliiby is legit and paying ? I know its difficult to believe that only if i say/write yes fliiby is very legit site and fliiby is paying, i already got my payment from Fliiby without showing any proof of it. Thats why here i am going to show my payment proof of Fliiby the amount i received in my PayPal account. I hope after checking it you will trust Fliiby and will give it a try.

Fliiby Payment Proof

And if you are willing to join Fliiby and you think what ever i written here about fliiby is quite helpful then here is my referral link you can use it Fliiby Referral Link 

And we can follow each other on fliiby. Still if you want ask anything related to Fliiby, feel free to ask me. Review – Review

Guys this time i am going to tell you about my experience with . Before i start sharing my experience with this site i want tell you about what is this site ( about ?

So is related to bitcoin mining/HIYP High Yielding Investment Program in which you can invest some amount of bitcoin and can earn more. is online only from 21 days and they are paying yet to those members who invested on it. They are paying daily and instantly under different plans. They have 3 type of plans first is standard plan in which users can invest minimum 0.01 BTC till maximum 300 BTC  and then daily investers get 10% of their investments forever, second plan is Advanced plan where users can invest from 5 BTC to 500 BTC and daily investers get 12% of their investments forever, third plan is from 10 BTC to 500 BTC and investers get 15% daily of their investments forever.

Along with this users can invite other and can earn 5%  of their every deposits.

My experince with this site:- I joined this site on June-03-2016 and then i deposited 0.01 BTC and next day (after 24 Hours) i got 10% of my deposited amount. Then i tried to withdraw and i received it in my wallet instantly. And till today i am getting paid every day and receiving the withdrawn amount instantly in my wallet and here in this post i am going to show you some screenshots of my payments.



So if you want to give it a try then you can Register this site and i will try to update this post if this site will stop paying, so till they are paying maybe you guys should invest on it but yes who knows when they are going to stop paying. But if will get any kind of information related to i will share with all of you.